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INFOWEB global Inc. , offers remuneration which is often better than most. The remuneration policy highlights include :

A starting salary level which is greater than the average salary of similar skill position

At the time of making the initial offer, we confirm the salary the consultant would be  getting six months after commencing project assignments with INFOWEB global Inc. This means a confirmed increase in remuneration after 6 months is extended - even before starting on the first assignments.

The remuneration policy requires INFOWEB global Inc. to review the salary of the  consultant six months after the first increment. Thus within a year of commencing assignments with INFOWEB global Inc., the consultant would get at least two increments in the remuneration.

INFOWEB global Inc., pays for / reimbures all expenses incurred by the consultant with  respect to relocation from India to the final project assignment. All subsequent project assignment relocation costs, including lease breakage costs, are reimbursed by INFOWEB global Inc..

INFOWEB global Inc. provides a comprehensive medical insurance to all its consultants.  Consequently the staff at INFOWEB global Inc., get the most comprehensive medical insurance available in United Sates of America.

INFOWEB global Inc., advances sum to its consultants to settle in the new environment. This enables the  consultant to focus on the new assignments without any worries about funding their initial stay and expenses. All accommodation upon relocation is provided/paid for by INFOWEB global Inc..

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