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INFOWEB global Inc. was established in June 1999. INFOWEB global Inc. is a USA based "C" corporation incorporated under the laws of state of  Texas.

INFOWEB global Inc. today has over 15 technically qualified consultants working for its various business units in India and overseas.

Since its inception INFOWEB global Inc. has kept  its business focus firm and resolve to provide an array of Computer Services, in the form of quality solutions. INFOWEB global Inc. provides a wide spectrum of IT services that match the complex and rapidly  changing business environment.

We pride ourselves in our quality services, striving to obtain the best match possible between the needs of our clients and those of our IT Professionals. Of course, our services  do not stop at placement. Our representatives maintain regular contact with both the client and the IT Professional throughout the contract period to ensure that there are no concerns or problems in the working  environment.

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